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Fall Leaves
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Get ready for the coziest season of the year with our fall candles and special bundles. We've created a special blend of signature scents to perfectly capture the magic of bonfires, hayrides, warm cinnamon, and of course Halloween. Check out the collection below:

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clean, naturally scented candles

With Unify Candle Co., enjoy the glow of candlelight and the rich aroma of comforting scents without worry. Our natural soy candles are free of toxins so no harmful chemicals will be added to the surrounding air. Soy based wax candles are a clean alternative that cause no harm to the atmosphere. Every single candle we sell is handmade.

handmade soy candles for your home, office, and more

Soy candles are more readily available today than in years past, thanks to consumers’ growing awareness of the negative environmental impacts some types of candles cause. With so many options and brands to shop, Unify Candle Co. is committed to creating natural soy candles that are chemical-free. Carefully crafted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we deliver 100% soy based wax candles with all-natural scents that transform your space with gentle light and delicious fragrance. Shop our selection of natural soy candles, available in a wide variety of pleasant scents. These generously sized candles feature bold colors to complement your décor and wood wicks for many hours of clean burning.

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Why unify?

When you purchase our products, feel confident that the candles you bring into your home are completely safe and natural. We use 100% natural soy wax in our candles, which is made from soybean oil. Soybeans are available in abundant supply, so you can feel confident that no nonrenewable resources are depleted each time you enjoy the crackling flicker of our candlelight. When you burn natural soy candles, you don’t have to worry about generating pollution that diminishes indoor air quality, because they burn clean.


Traditionally, candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a petroleum byproduct. Petroleum and therefore paraffin are nonrenewable, so each candle made and used contributes to the depletion of the finite supply available. Burning paraffin candles emits harmful pollutants including benzene, toluene, and soot. Not only can soot dirty your walls and surfaces, but it is also carcinogenic and breathing it in can contribute to serious health issues.



Our soy candles burn longer and at lower temperatures than paraffin wax, allowing you to get more use from the product. This is thanks to our special combination of hand cut 100% cedar wicks and ethically sourced soy wax. For our smaller candles, you can expect 55 hours of burn time, and over 100 hours for the larger ones.

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